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Getting Prepared

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Things to do that will put you ahead of your competition:

Get a pre-inspection and make necessary repairs - this way we can advertise your home as move-in ready with inspection and repairs completed!

Remove extra furniture and clutter - if it doesn’t have a functional purpose or add to the ambiance, sell it, store it elsewhere or give it away.

Clear off countertops - especially in the kitchen. Allow potential buyers to see how much workspace they will have.

Boost curb appeal - Your front entrance is the first impression on buyers. Plant flowers, fix the fence, mow your lawn. Make it inviting.

Welcoming smells - The smell of your home will be the second thing that the potential buyers register in their minds when looking at your home. Be sure it is a good smell!

Lighting is key - make sure all bulbs in your home are working. If you are able to be home before a showing be sure to open curtains and turn on lights. Light a candle and play soft music. If you go the extra step you will have better feedback and potentially an offer!

CLEAN! - make sure nothing has been overlooked. Clean bathrooms, baseboards and windows. Remove scuff marks from walls and doors. Make your home look like a 5-star hotel that the buyer can see themselves moving into tomorrow.